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Looking to gain more friends and volunteer to make an impact on your community? Consider joining the CAMOM Board! CAMOM relies on the work of volunteer members to achieve its goals as a nonprofit organization. We are currently recruiting for the 2024-2025 fiscal year beginning on August 1, 2024. If interested, please fill out the following Board Interest Form.

Information on the structure and details of CAMOM Board positions, please review the following document.

Board Testimonials

"Joining the board is the quickest and most effective way to really get to know other CAMOMs and feel like you are truly a part of this organization. If you want deeper friendships and a stronger sense of belonging within CAMOM, join the board! And for my committee - running the sale has been fascinating; I had NO idea how many moving parts there were behind the scenes."

"I have really enjoyed it and loved getting to know the Board moms, and it has helped me become more involved."

“I’ve been a Board member for four years, and it has been such a wonderful experience. The club offers so much to the community of parents of multiples, that we have members who drive close to an hour for it.” 

“I met people in the club as a member but I made FRIENDS when I joined the Board! It's a lot of fun and not too much responsibility!” 

“It’s a great way to meet other families in the club and make lifelong friends.”

“Join the ranks of CAMOM volunteers who help by serving on the CAMOM board.  As a board member, you play a key role in making the CAMOM community stronger.”

“If you are considering but on the fence about joining the Board because of time commitment, my advice is to just do it! You will love it! I work full time and commute an hour to work everyday with twins I tow, active in my church and other activities on top of family life. I promise you, it is such a fulfilling and fun experience! You can do it! It is manageable and rewarding!”

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